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Butterflies & Roses Cancer Support is a nonprofit organization that offers complimentary beauty services to women currently undergoing cancer treatment.  It is our goal to give personal attention and care to each patient desiring to regain confidence in her appearance during the season of change. Your financial support helps us to serve more women and to touch more lives. 

Located in a private suite within the Image by Design Hair & Makeup Studio.


All beauty support services to visiting clients currently in treatment are complimentary. 


* Haircut - to prepare for hair loss

* Head Shave

* Returning Hair Trim (two free visits)

* After Treatment Hair color (one free visit)

* Makeup tips for brows, lashes & skin

* Wig - Custom orders

* Wig - Trimming

* Wig (complimentary, gently used wig. Limited styles)



 A butterfly start life as a caterpillar, then enters a season of transformation only to come forth stronger and more beautiful than before!  

Meleesa Pellerino, owner of Image by Design Hair & Makeup Studio began the  beauty support program for cancer patients in 2013 after losing her mother and sister to cancer. It is her passion to give personal care to women in the fight against cancer.  

 To the ugly face of cancer, we choose BEAUTY!   

How you can help.......

Donate a wig


We collect gently used, fashionable wigs to give away to visiting clients in treatment as part of our beauty support services. Blond, gray, black and curly wigs are in high demand. Please feel free to drop off wigs at the Image by Design Hair & Makeup Studio

 Monday - Friday. 

'Trinkets & Love' Tote bags


These adorable tote bags are filled with various goodies to give to our visiting clients currently in treatment. The cancer support totes include a blanket, booties, beanie, water bottle, snacks, detailed coloring book, colored pencils, a journal, pen and more!  The treatment totes are also available to order and pick up as a gift, for a donation of $50. Please contact us  for a tote bag pick up. 


Support our cause


 Your financial support helps us to serve more women and to touch more lives.
 Please visit our GoFundMe link. Your gift help us sponsor wigs, gifts, services and products to our visiting clients in treatment. Many women change in their look dramatically during treatment. Where can they turn for help? We are here to help.

 Thank you so much for your support!

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Please contact Meleesa directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.

Our cancer support Treatment Totes are available as a gift to take to your loved one. For a donation of $50, we will prepare it for you and ready for pick up. Please call to order.

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